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Petco has suspended weekly adoption events until further notice.

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Covid-19 Update – Petco has temporarily suspended public adoption
events but we are still holding private adoptions by appointment only
at the Petco at Herndon and SR-99 in Fresno on weekends.
Fill out an adoption application and we will contact you
with a day and time you can safely meet your new dog!
All dogs are located in Fresno, California.

Our Mission!

About Our Rescue

Our goal at For the Sake of Dogs is to help, save, heal and rehome every dog we can.
No matter the breed, size, age or health our mission is to advocate and provide a safe and
loving environment until their forever family can be found.
For dogs that can’t be adopted, we offer a sanctuary for life.

Every dog matters!

We are a non-profit, no-kill 501c3 organization. Your donations are:

  • 100% applied to provide care for our dogs.
  • Tax deductible.

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“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make
our lives whole.”
– Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

Thanks Again, Petco!

We couldn’t possible care for the thousands of dogs that have crossed our path without support from our community and partners. Like all rescues, COVID hit us hard and stopped our in-person adoption events inside our local Petco stores. While we held private adoption appointments as often as possible, we found ourselves overflowing with dogs in need and not enough space to adequately house them until they could find homes.

Petco LOVE stepped up and awarded this grant, which allowed us to build more kennels and runs so our pups could stay safe, cool and enjoy a better quality of life –
until they find their forever families, of course.

Thanks to everyone who offers their time, talent and donations.
It takes a community to make a difference!


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Attend an Adoption Event

PETCO – Fresno
6557 N. Riverside Drive
Herndon & Hwy 99
We are holding private adoptions by appointment only at this location, due to Covid-19

Attend an Adoption Event

PETCO – Clovis
1045 Herndon Ave
Herndon and Clovis Ave.
Adoption Events at this location are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19

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