Included with Adoption

Only Spayed or Neutered Dogs

We won’t release any dog for adoption until it has been spayed/neutered.

This ensures our dogs don’t procreate more puppies that wind up in an over-populated shelter in the future! It’s also generally healthier for dogs to be spayed or neutered, which can prevent some forms of cancer and lessen aggressive behavior.

Puppies younger than 12 weeks of age are available for adoption but they must be spayed/neutered before being allowed to go to the new family.

Benefits of Spaying or Neutering

  • Reduce dog over-population by not breeding your dog
  • Eliminate the risk of certain types of cancer
  • Eliminate or reduce marking behavior especially in males
  • Reduce aggressive male behavior
  • More services are available to your dog
  • Your family won't deal with a female in heat or a male running away to seek a mate