Thank you for opening your heart and your home

Adopting a dog is a commitment that should be taken very seriously. Adding a rescue to your family, whether it’s your first dog or you’re adding to your furry herd is a wonderful way to offer love to an animal that has probably known very little in its lifetime.

We represent dogs that have been surrendered by their owner, dogs that were pending euthanasia at kill shelters, abandoned dogs found in remote areas, lost dogs that were picked up from roadways by good samaritans, sick and handicapped dogs, and just about any other dog that needs help. We rarely turn a dog in need away, even the ones deemed “unadoptable”. By the time they reach For the Sake of Dogs, they’ve already been through plenty. It’s fair that we ask those who adopt to promise to provide:

  • A safe environment with shade in the summer and a warm bed in the winter
  • A play area so they can stretch their legs and run like a happy dog. Dog parks are great for this!
  • Quality dry food and plenty of fresh water
  • Toys to keep them occupied when you’re not home
  • Vaccinations and flea/tick treatment to make sure they stay healthy and active
  • Training so they know what to do and how to do it when you ask them to. Dogs don’t read minds.
  • Attention. Most people work, but in your off hours realize that you are all your dog has in the whole world.
  • Love.