Typically, we would interview would-be adopters during our weekly Petco adoption events.  However, due to COVID-19, Petco has suspended our adoption events until it’s safe for groups to gather in public. Please complete the Adopton form below and we will be in touch!

I have read the requirements above and am fully capable and willing to provide the proper care for any dog that I agree to adopt from For the Sake of Dogs.  If, at any time I can no longer properly care for the dog, I commit to returning the animal to this rescue operation in good health.  I make this commitment by completing the form below. I also agree to a phone or in-person interview with the rescue operator and/or an inspection of my home (if the rescue operator feels it is appropriate) before I am approved for final adoption.

Who are you considering adopting?
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How active YOU are should help you choose the breed of dog that fits with your lifestyle.
You might be the first family your dog has ever had. It will take time and patience as they adjust to your home and dily routine.
Puppies naturally have lots of playful energy and will need training. But what about when they\'re grown up?
What area will it live in?
Due to the COVID-19 situation, our weekend adoption events have been suspended at Petco. We are still trying to match dogs with potential adopters, but there could be unforeseen delays depending on County health requirements.
Give us all the details! What else do we need to know about your love of dogs and how you\'re ready to adopt?
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