Included with Adoption

Protected with Vaccinations

We vaccinate every dog to ensure optimal health and provide a safe haven for the dogs that make our sanctuary their home.

Our adoptables may include puppies, who will most likely need additional vaccinations to completely protect them. Remember that puppies who have not had all of their vaccines are still at risk to contract serious diseases. NEVER put your puppy down in an unfamiliar or public space. Parvo virus and other diseases can linger for years on concrete, grass, flooring, and foliage.

All dogs need booster vaccines to ensure they stay disease-resistant. Some vaccines are given annually, some every 3 years. Your vet can provide you with the standard vaccination schedule.

When you adopt from us, we’ll provide you with your dog’s current vaccinations and worming record to help you stay on track.

Why Vaccinate Your Dog?

  • Dogs are susceptible to many diseases, especially if they travel with you or are allowed in public parks, trails and beaches
  • Vaccines are highly effective at preventing or mitigating disease in exposed dogs
  • Vaccines are safe. Very few dogs have allergic reactions with today's modern formularies.
  • Vaccines are not expensive. There are numerous vet clinics and pet stores that offer reduced vaccination fees
  • Not every vaccine needs to be boosted every year. Your vet will advise you which vaccines are needed more or less often
  • If you board your dog, some vaccines are required for the boarding facility to house your dog, even overnight