Included with Adoption

Vet Checked for Good Health

Our dogs have been vet checked for health and general wellness.

We encourage our adopting families to visit their vet regularly – at least once a year – and to consistently monitor their dog’s food habits, energy levels, and general mood to avoid any foreseeable health issues. Even potty behavior can tell you alot about how your dog is feeling, so don’t be shy about monitoring your pet’s actions!

If you’re looking for a family vet reference, we can certainly recommend local vets in the Valley that we have worked with.

Annual Vet Visits Are A Must

  • Your dog will need booster vaccines every year to ensure it's protected against diseases
  • Include a dental check-up to make sure your dog's teeth and gums are healthy. 8 out of 10 dogs suffer from dental problems.
  • Evaluate your dog's diet based on weight gain or loss from any previous check-up
  • Take a close look at the hair and skin of your dog. Dull or dry coats can be an indicator of something more serious on the inside.
  • For seniors, the vet will evaluate joint mobility and discuss any arthritic concerns/treatments
  • Yearly physicals help evaluate how your dog is progressing through life so it can stay as fit and healthy as possible