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Hot Asphalt Hurts!

Taking your dog on a walk is always good, but be aware that crossing the road or even walking on the pavement can lead to permanent damage to your dog's paws. Asphalt, in particular, can heat up to nearly twice the air temperature, and skin can be damaged within 60 seconds of exposure. So, enjoy those walks but try to stick to the grass or landscaped areas whenever possible!

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Build An Outdoor Misting System in 15 Minutes

You can lower the outdoor air temperature 10 to 20 degrees with a simple misting system. It's a scorcher out in the Valley! We understand that not all dogs (or livestock) can be brought inside when the temps reach over 100 outside, but they can still suffer from heatstroke or even perish if they don't have shade and plenty of freshwater.  Misting systems are CHEAP and EASY to install on a side yard or back patio to

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