Archive : May 2020

Thinking of Adopting?

We're thrilled when someone comes forward to adopt one of our pups. Most often it means a long and happy life with their forever family, but sometimes adoptive families choose a dog that just isn't a good fit for their household. For the Sake of Dogs asks every adoptive family to sign a petition that promises the safe, and healthy return of any dog that doesn't work out. Regardless of the reason, we offer all our dog

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Toxic Plants for Dogs

It's surprising how many common landscaping plants and flowers are toxic to our canine kids. While you can do everything possible to keep Fido from harm in your own yard, wind can blow leaves into your dog's area, or they can pick something up while visiting a friend's house or on a nature adventure.  Know the signs of plant poisoning in your dog (or cat) and call the Pet Poison Helpline at 888-289-0358 in an emerge

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