You can lower the outdoor air temperature 10 to 20 degrees with a simple misting system.

It’s a scorcher out in the Valley! We understand that not all dogs (or livestock) can be brought inside when the temps reach over 100 outside, but they can still suffer from heatstroke or even perish if they don’t have shade and plenty of freshwater.  Misting systems are CHEAP and EASY to install on a side yard or back patio to help keep you and your pet cool. Misters can lower air temperatures down by 10 to 20 degrees. So here is how to build your own simple backyard misting system for cheap. The process is fairly straight forward and you will find full directions and parts list below. Watch this simple video to learn more. You don’t have to be handy to make this – anyone with 30 minutes can easily build this system.

Instructions and Shopping List (below): You can purchase these at your hardware store or buy online.

1. 1/2-Inch Mist Nozzle Splitters –

2. 1/2-Inch PVC pipe cut to your needed length – Hardware Store

3. 1/2-Inch PVC Pipe Elbow –

4. 1/2-Inch PVC End Cap – Hardware Store

5. 1/2-Inch PVC Hose Connector –

6. PVC Cement + Primer – Hardware store

Instructions: 1. Measure out the exact length you wish to cover with your misting system and purchase the PVC pipe. You will usually have some left over since they come in 10 foot pieces. Some hardware stores will cut them on the spot for you so you can transport them in your car.

2. Buy the amount of nozzles you need. For a 10 foot long pice you will need four nozzles, placed every 2-feet.

3. Purchase elbows if you plan on attaching pipe at different angles. However, you could simply do one 10 foot pipe (with nozzles), attach and end cap and water hose attachment to the end of that if you want to keep it super simple.

4. Assemble all your parts with PVC cement and place them in the area you wish them to be mounted.

5. Attach the hose connector after everything is in place.

6. While drying: Screw in the water nozzles and mount pipe with zip ties.

7. Screw in the water hose and fire it up.

8. Enjoy!